Valuable Lessons From Death By Cop

Death by a cop is a novel, which is based upon a true incident that happened back in 1998 in America’s New Milford. The novel tells the story about how Franklyn Reid, an African-American who was wrongfully killed by a cop named Scott Byron Smith. The book explains the whole scenario point by point and explains how the family of the victim was totally shaken due to this.

The book highlights a few key issues that are currently present in the law enforcement agency in America. The following are a few solutions that can be helpful according to the book.

1)Better training of the police officers

The book highlights that officer Smith was a police detective but no proof have been found that suggests that he completed the formal training required for becoming a police detective. This highlights the improper training received by the police in America due to which, such police officers don’t understand what they are meant to do. Better training and education of policemen can help minimize such issues.

2)Attitude towards law enforcement agency

The book not only highlights the issues with police, but also takes a deep dive into the life of the victim. It tells that Franklyn had a lot of outstanding warrants and was involved with a few fights with police officers. Wayne Reid, the Author of the book says that the attitude of people towards policemen also needs to change. He says that in order to get respect from police, it is important to first show respect towards them for the service they do for the nation.

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