Craft your Own Eulogy Video and Fill your Goodbyes with Smiles

It may be awkward for you to craft your own personalized eulogy video because you might feel you are anticipating your own death. However, there is nothing wrong with planning your own funeral especially if you know that during that time, your loved ones will be benefitting from it.

How to Create your Personalized Eulogy Video

Creating your own eulogy video is easy. You can even do it on your own.

The first thing you have to do is simply take a video camera or your cell phone and record your own personal message to your family and friends. You can write the messages first on a piece of paper so that you will have a clue on what to say, or you can simply say everything on the spot. You can say thank you, I’m sorry, I love you, and goodbye as well as other comforting words that can help your loved ones move on. You can even wish them all well.

Next, compile videos you treasure the most as well as photo slideshows of memories that made you happy during the years in your life. Then, if you have knowledge about technology, you can start editing the videos and photos to create one whole memorable and touching eulogy video about you.

But, if you are no longer physically able to do all the planning and recording yourself, you can ask help from friends or hire eulogy video professionals so they will be the ones recording your messages, compiling your memories and editing the videos for you.

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