In today’s world, where there is a lot of stress and pain and sorrows, there is a need for somebody to be a part of life, with which you can express your feeling and share your emotions. In Oxford, life is very busy. You can spend your time with friend or colleague to share your feeling but at a time they have to leave you and if you are looking for someone who is faithful and stays forever then you can get a dog. The dog is the best friend which can well understand your feelings, emotions and pain that you are going through. The dog can help you more if it is especially trained. Nowadays, people are looking for dog groomers in Oxford to take care of their pet.

The steps of grooming a dog

Give them a bath – As human beings bath daily to cleanse their skin and to look fresh, the dog also requires to take a bath so that debris, dirt and oils which get collected can be wiped out. Always use dog friendly chemicals and shampoo. Do not use shampoo made for humans as they contain powerful chemicals which can irritate the dog’s skin.

Detangle their matted fur – Your dog’s hairs need to get brushed daily through detangle brush. If not done regularly, the hairs might attract ticks which can destroy their skin and also harm the environment in which the dog is staying. Brushing promotes healthy and natural skin of the dog.

Trimming of the nail – This is quite a risky job as you need to be very friendly while trimming the nails of the dog. Regular trimming of the nail will prevent the foot problems.



Whether you want a pet cremation urn for yourself or helping a friend to choose one, there are a variety of urns to choose from in the market. Urns a great way for a pet owner to hold the pet’s memories close to heart. Once the pet is cremated, the ashes are contained in the urn and placed wherever one pleases.

dog and his owner

Several things need to be considered when selecting pet cremation urns.

  • Foremost consideration is the type of pet owned. Many urns in the shape of cat or dog toys, bones, balls etc. are available. The shape of the urn is a great way to remind the owner of the pet’s playfulness.
  • Vase urns are the ones that are made of brass, stone or marble. These can be customised with a writing on a metal band or with a photograph.
  • A lot of inexpensive urns are available too. Urns made up of clay and lesser quality materials are good to keep or gift to a friend on a recent pet loss.
  • The size of the animal plays an important part when buying an urn. Some animals weight less and so will the weight of their ashes. Larger pets would definitely need bigger urns.

A lot of online stores offer pet cremation urns in varied materials, price options, customisation options, colours, shapes etc. Some of them would even guide you with articles on their website on cremation process, whom to contact and how to purchase the urn.

This article was provided by  Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Services