Home Improvements

London is currently one of the fastest developing cities in the World. With a powerful infrastructure and a rapidly growing population, there is a growing need for living spaces. As a result of this need, the prices for housing has skyrocketed.

While selling a house is already profitable, the value of the building can be further increased through a garage conversion. The process of garage conversion in London will transform a regular car garage into an additional living space that can be purposed however the owner sees fit.

Legal requirements of a conversion

An important aspect that those who are planning to have the conversion done should remember is the fact that even though this process is usually considered to be permitted development, there are a few cases in which you will require planning permission:

  • As with any other project, you will need permission for the modification done if you live in a listed building:
  • If the conversion increases the space of your home beyond what developmental rights allow.
  • If you plan on converting the garage for business.
  • If your council has imposed certain restrictions with regard to reducing parking spaces.

Generally speaking, you should be able to modify the interior of the building as you see fit, even with these restrictions. You are simply forbidden from changing the exterior.

As far as cost and value are concerned, a conversion can set you back more or less, depending on what your plans for the space are. The value of a house can, however, be increased by as much as 20% if the owner chooses to do this.