Funeral planners could be said as a new job profile addition in the funeral industry in Bristol. These are those people who help the grieving family to make arrangements for the best funeral of their loved ones. But are these funeral planners professional or can you rely on them? There are many funeral planning companies who offer funeral services around Bristol which provide the best service with professional funeral directors.

Here are some reasons why you must opt for funeral directors over funeral planners:


Funeral planners are not someone that technically plan for the funeral, also they are not licensed. They just help the grieving family to organize the funeral properly as well as also help to ease the burden from their shoulders. At the same place, funeral directors are fully licensed and insured. By hiring funeral directors you could be confident of having professional arrangements for the funeral.

Affiliation with funeral homes

When you are hiring a funeral director,then you are working with a specific funeral home because the funeral directors are affiliated to only one funeral home. Funeral planners do not provide such service as they are not affiliated with funeral homes.


Funeral planners could be members of the local retirement communities. That is why they do not work for an extra income. So opting for such funeral planners could be cost-effective. Funeral planners are less costly than funeral directors. This is so because funeral directors are licensed professionals so they might be a little expensive.