The core of a village is based on its communities. But, what matters the most is their growth and progress, as a community will not be able to attain its maximum potential unless it focuses on the key areas of development and works towards them. The development of the community is a crucial step based on the principles of self-determination, inclusion, social justice, empowerment, collective actions, and human rights. It is a holistic process, where each and every member evaluates and implements actions so as to promote a cohesive and stronger community that holds a special place in the heart of every villager.

Strategic Development of Community in Village

For optimal development of the community in a Thornage, the members should consider three important factors and these are mentioned below:

  • Human Factors: This includes participation, interests, leadership, and attitude to pave a path towards success. You can also introduce innovative methods for connecting people with the community such as Thornage village website that not only aids in communication but also adds to the credibility of the community.
  • Social Factors: From political views, religious beliefs to culture and expectations of the members,every effort made should translate into the progress of the community. Actions taken should meet the social and community expectations so as to have both success and support.
  • Resources: The majority of the community development efforts will be centered on the resources that are available. So, it is crucial to wisely budget material, financial, social, and human resources for the sustainability of the community.