Every person has some story to tell about, some stories may be effective and attractive while some may not sound well. However, if you have an exciting story and want to share the story with everyone then there the best way to do so is sell your story online. By selling the story online you can earn some good money quickly and moreover without any tension and investment.

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There are many sites available where you can submit your story. Not only this, if any website wants to make use of your story then they can start bidding over your story which ultimately provides a benefit to you only. This is because in bidding there is a very high possibility that you can get an exceptional price for your story.

How to sell story?

When you are going to write any story, then it is very essential that the story you write belongs to you only, that means it should not be copied from anywhere. When you write the story, then it is recommended that you should make use of the website that can help you in this process. These websites can help you to make your story better by assisting you in the story telling process. These websites can tell you how to write your story in an effective a way that your story gets shortlisted for printing in the upcoming edition of the magazine and other online portals.

When publishing your story online, make sure that you get it published on a high traffic website, so that it can reach a huge audience.


Chicago is one of the largest cities in the U.S which is famous for its bold architecture and bold artworks. A caricature is a unique form of art that is made on an existing personality or a real person. But the best thing about these paintings is that they look funny as well as really interesting. Most of the people love these caricatures of their own. In these paintings, some of the body parts are highlighted specially the face and other body parts are given special attention. Most of the Chicago caricaturists make caricature on the famous celebrities as well as on politicians and other highlighted people.

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A reality Art

Caricature is a reality art that carries some message and reality with itself. That message can be of any action that was done by the person or an achievement made by the person and on many other such things. Caricature nowadays is also used as a gifting item to gift it to your friends or colleagues. You can gift these caricatures to those employees for making some achievement in the office. It is a great way to honor your employees as well as make them feel special. That caricature will also carry some silent visual message that he needs to consider. People gift these caricatures on some special occasions such as on anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and on many other occasions as well. It is the best way to express your feeling to your mom and dad, to your wife or girlfriend, or to your brother on his birthday.

Home Improvements

London is currently one of the fastest developing cities in the World. With a powerful infrastructure and a rapidly growing population, there is a growing need for living spaces. As a result of this need, the prices for housing has skyrocketed.

While selling a house is already profitable, the value of the building can be further increased through a garage conversion. The process of garage conversion in London will transform a regular car garage into an additional living space that can be purposed however the owner sees fit.

Legal requirements of a conversion

An important aspect that those who are planning to have the conversion done should remember is the fact that even though this process is usually considered to be permitted development, there are a few cases in which you will require planning permission:

  • As with any other project, you will need permission for the modification done if you live in a listed building:
  • If the conversion increases the space of your home beyond what developmental rights allow.
  • If you plan on converting the garage for business.
  • If your council has imposed certain restrictions with regard to reducing parking spaces.

Generally speaking, you should be able to modify the interior of the building as you see fit, even with these restrictions. You are simply forbidden from changing the exterior.

As far as cost and value are concerned, a conversion can set you back more or less, depending on what your plans for the space are. The value of a house can, however, be increased by as much as 20% if the owner chooses to do this.

Fashion Trends

Now, we can get rid of all the confusion about buying and styling clothes by hiring a personal stylist and a shopper. These people are professionals, who will judge the language and the shape of your body to find the best clothes for you. There are numerous agencies, which will provide you their fashion assistance, however, choosing the best one is essential.

Whenever you wish to hire a personal shopper always, ensure to check his or her background. This will help you in deciding if the shopper is worth hiring or not. Any good personal stylist and shopper will never need too much time to shop, hence make sure that you hire one who saves time and is experienced. In this article, we will be discussing about the tips to consider when hiring such shoppers and stylists.

What all you should consider before hiring your stylist or shopper?

There are various tips and tricks to consider when hiring your personal shopper. Some of them have been mentioned below

  • It is extremely essential that you have a good rapport with your shopper. That is why, it is always advisable to meet your potential shopper beforehand so that you can discuss your lifestyle.
  • Make sure that you are clear about your requirements so that the shopper can work on them easily.
  • Sometimes it is okay to experiment. In addition, when you want to experiment, you open the arena of more suggestions from your shopper.

Always ask for some pictures of the looks, so that you can select one of them.

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