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From Ruins to Ranks – How we made this industrial loft livable!

When Jenna approached us with her living woes, we could only smile. Every time a start struck individual moves into their own space in New York they end asking themselves “Am I seriously paying such a high rent for THIS space?” Home is where the heart is and we help people make livable homes out of any space. Here’s what we added to Jenna’s loft and transformed it to something wonderful.

  • A minimalist wooden table
  • A mixology of chairs
  • A Leather Sofa
  • A Vintage color theme
  • Something Green
  • A lot of soft and cute (A typical girl’s thing)
  • A lot of soft and bright lights
  • A final metallic touch to all the metal work (can’t believe how it took things to an all new level)

The Spice of Life – A Healthy Lifestyle
Feeling good about your life and yourself is the ultimate luxury.

If you have ever done a detox you probably know that one of the hardest things of doing it is the willpower to keep at it. It goes without saying that the day you think of starting your detox is the day when the entire world starts planning festivities, celebrations and parties. This is where your willpower comes into play.

A great detox, however, goes beyond diet. It should also clear your mind and your lifestyle. It should give you more room to feel comfortable with yourself and make you feel free from emotional attachments to unhealthy habits. A little bit of mindfulness is all you need to get started. Talk to our wellness coach this weekend for some free starter tips.

Travel Diary

Traveler Points Up for Grabs

If you just stepped into the world of travelling and collecting points and miles, Global Travelers Club is giving the best offer you can think of. Travel with the GTC and stay at one of their 50 designated properties to pick up the best values points. Furthermore, their loyalty Rewards Club Point will allow you access to nothing but some of the best luxury destinations and swanky properties across the country.

A minimum 5000 points need to be collected before you enter the Loyalty Reward Club so thing no further and get to planning your upcoming vacations immediately. As a spring offer the GTC is also giving some great (2nights, 3 day) family deals for the month of March so that’s a great way to boost your points and miles.